Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween is only a month away...

...and in the Vazquez House we are already dressing up and getting ready. Andre got a picture book from the library that he loves to read called "Dear Vampa" and ever since then has been obsessed with Vampires (hmm, I wonder where he gets that from?). Anyways, he has been demanding to be a vampire for Halloween ever since then even despite Cesar, my mom and I suggesting other costume ideas-all of which he shoots down immediately. I like for the kids to match at Halloween and Evie agrred to be a Vampire too once we saw this adorable costume. We are still working on putting their costumes together but I think we have a good start. :[


More Pics From Our Birthday

Cesar and Michelle Turn 27!

So, this past Saturday Cesar and I turned 27 (yes, we have the same birthday). In order to celebrate we decided to do something that we usually never do and decided to go out and party with all of our friends (I even had 2 or 7 drinks ;) ) at Dave and Buster's the night before. Anyways, we had a GREAT time and I can't wait to do it again soon!