Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evie got her ear's pierced!

A few weeks ago we were at Fiesta mall and I was looking at Claire's trying to find myself a new pair of earrings. Well, I saw the piercing booth and decided It was time for Evie to get her ears done. My mom mpierced ,ine when I was 18 months old and since Evie is 2 and a half I figured she was past due. Plus, she is such a girly-girl I knew she would love it! Well, she was very excited when we asked her if she wanted to get her ears done and she sat so nice and still while the lady prepped her ears but as soon as the first earring went in.....well, her sttitude changed slightly (by which I mean a lot!). At this point i should take a step back and mention there was an 8 year old girl standing their watching Evie getting ready to get her ears done. This girl asked many question such as "Does it hurt? How long does it take to heal" all of which I assured her was very minimal. "You only feel it for a second" I told her. Unfortunately, the second Evie's first earring went in she started screaming. The little girl took one look at Evie and ran away, LOL. Too bad. She probably won't build up the desire to get her ears pierced for a while....anyways, Evie was very upset. she looked at Cesar and I like we had bretayed her (No one told me this was going to hurt like hell!) but she calmed down after a few moments and got over it. Of course when we were in the car 30 mins later she got angry at me all over again and when I told her she was beautiful she started screaming at me again, "I'm NOT beautiful!!"  Now it has been a couple of weeks though and she LOVES showing her ears offf to everyone and admiring herself in the mirror. I can't wait till her ears are all heeled and I can start buying her lots of cute little girly earrings. The only problem with this is that I know she is going to start wanting to steal my jewelery for herself. It's worth it though to see my little mamacita happy :)

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